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About Adolf Eichmann

  • BIRTHDAY: 19 March 1906
  • BIRTH PLACE: Solingen, North Rhine Westphalia
  • COUNTRY: Germany
  • HEIGHT: 172 cm
  • WEIGHT: 70 kg

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Basic Information

Name: Adolf Eichmann
Other Name: Otto Adolf Eichmann
Date of Birth: 19 March 1906
Place of Birth: : Solingen North Rhine Westphalia
Country: Germany
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Professions: Army Officer Politician

Adolf Eichmann was born on 19 March 1906 in Solingen, North Rhine Westphalia - Germany.his age is 56 years.He also known as Otto Adolf Eichmann and his professions is Army Officer, Politician. his height is 172 cm and weight is 70 kg

Death Information

Date of Death: 1 June 1962
Place of Death: Ramla Rosh HaAyin
Country of Death: Israel

Adolf Eichmann was died on 1 June 1962 in Ramla, Rosh HaAyin - Israel at the age of 56 years

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Question and Answer about Adolf Eichmann

The most frequently asked questions about Adolf Eichmann.

Question : What is Adolf Eichmann original or other names?

Answer : His original or othername are Otto Adolf Eichmann.

Question : What is the Date of Birth of Adolf Eichmann?

Answer : He was born on 19 March 1906.

Question : Where Adolf Eichmann was born?

Answer : He was born on Solingen, North Rhine Westphalia, Germany.

Question : What is the Height of Adolf Eichmann?

Answer : His Height is 172 cm.

Question : What is the Weight of Adolf Eichmann?

Answer : His Weight is 70 kg.

Question : What is the Professions of Adolf Eichmann?

Answer : His Professions is Army Officer, Politician.

Question : What is the Date of Death and Death Location of Adolf Eichmann?

Answer : and death location is Ramla, Rosh HaAyin ,Israel

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